Conflicted Food Shopping and the Dream of Bees

A dream of mine is to tend a beehive or two. By keeping bees, I could learn first-hand about the lives of these fascinating creatures play a part in helping them pollinate my neighborhood plants and create honey, at a time when there is a disturbing decline in bees by what has been called “colony [...]

Dinner Party Etiquette

Another holiday season has come and gone and left vegetarians and vegans everywhere a little grumpy and hungry. I’m not the only one who attended soirees hosted by well-intentioned friends and family, complete with homey, delicious food smells wafting into every corner, only to realize the only thing not covered in bacon was salad. I’m [...]

How to Date an Omnivore

Whether you are a vegan or an omnivore, you have the same emotional needs as everyone else. Even vegetarians sometimes have legitimate feelings. Everyone feels the need to love and be loved and, as most watchers of chick flicks will tell you, you can’t choose who you love. Sometimes Christians love Atheists, sometimes Republicans love [...]

An Interview with Tara Stiles – Yoga for Every Body

Today I had the privilege of chatting with the phenomenal Tara Stiles and her equally amazing husband and fellow yoga guide, Mike Taylor. I found Tara on YouTube over 2 years ago, having long been dancing between practicing yoga daily and not practicing at all.  I began my exploration into the world of yoga when [...]

Hibiscus Tofu Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Black Sesame Seeds

There is this really great Japanese/Chinese restaurant near my house, and, like I do at a lot of the non-vegan restaurants I frequent, I order the same dish every time- at Papajin I always get the Sesame Crispy Plate with tofu and broccoli. This dish is, for me, perfect. It consists of crispy and steamed [...]

Flipping My Down Dog

In the styles of yoga I’ve taken, there’s a lot of emphasis on being in the moment,  breathing through the hard spots and softening into the spaces that are open.  Meditation teaches awareness and awareness connects you to the present moment, which is actually where life is. I have been taking some form of yoga [...]

Recent News

Easiest Vegan Ever: Cinnamon Oranges

  ast year, I stumbled across a delicious light, fat-free, winter dessert. It was easy, and for its simplicity, surprisingly flavorful and tasty: I modified it slightly to cater to a single serve, midnight snack obsession, as well as accommodate my love for cinnamon. Do you have four minutes, plus the time it takes you [...]

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A Simple Conception of Indian Cooking

The trick, as my mother taught me, is in the base−the time-honored tradition of frying up some fresh onions (raw, peeled and diced), fresh ginger and cloves of crushed fresh garlic. Then, comingled together under moderate heat while submerged in a world of olive oil, they eclipse the “browned” stage and approach the nearly blackened [...]

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New Vegan
Visits Florida

For the week of Thanksgiving, I was able to visit my home state of sunny Florida. This trip was complete with country wanderings, sweet moments with friends and family, and, of course, plenty of good vegan food. Here are some food highlights from my trip: Ethos Vegan Kitchen My trip got off to a delicious [...]

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Easiest Vegan Chedder Rounds Ever

  You know how you look around your kitchen and think, “What can I make out of all this random stuff?” Here’s one possible answer: Easiest Vegan Cheddar Rounds Ever! They’re basically the chop suey of warm appetizers. What You Need: party rye or whatever tea-sized bread you like 1/2 cup vegan shredded cheddar 1/4 [...]

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How to Buy Your Vegan a Present

It’s that magical time of the year when shopping malls and online store servers are filled with excited customers joyously buying worthless crap for their loved ones. It’s time for you to get out there and stimulate the economy for the sake of your loved ones. You are just about done shopping for your nearests [...]

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Carolyn Scott-Hamilton – The Healthy Voyager

arolyn Scott-Hamilton celebrated her 10 years as a vegan as well as an entrepreneur in 2009.  After college, Carolyn moved to Los Angeles from Miami in 1998.  Shortly after arriving and becoming vegan, she studied holistic nutrition as well as dabbled in the culinary arts before she opened Ineventions, originally a pr & event firm, [...]

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A Tasteful Early Vegan Thanksgiving Recap

I love Thanksgiving. For me it’s about pausing from the hectic, fast paced daily grind to think about all the things I am grateful for. I’ve had a pretty crazy year (don’t ask), so I am most grateful for taking some time to bring awareness to the sweet little things in my life. Stunning fall colors [...]

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Factory Farming of Chickens in India

The gendarme, with the gun always by the side, stood quietly in the air-conditioned background, pacing a bit, as the smiling family, after passing through the requisite metal detectors, sat down to give their full attention to their trays of Chicken Maharaja Macs. –a personal observation, at a McDonald’s in Ludhiana, Punjab, India 2010.  reater [...]

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On Becoming
a Vegan Cook

Lately, I have found myself wanting to cook (and eat!) more than usual.  Maybe it’s Thanksgiving being right around the corner, or the birth of this online magazine, or the sudden crispness of the fall weather outside. Whatever it is, food is calling me. I am someone who depends heavily on recipes when cooking. I can’t [...]

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“Meat” in the Middle – Talking with a Non-Vegan

Being a vegan puts you in very exclusive company (currently less than 1% of the world population is vegan), so you are bound to have  non-vegan friends, possibly people you have known a long time – way before you traded in your steak dinner for chana masala. That is the case with my friend and [...]

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Vegan Mania

This year was the first year that I went to Vegan Mania. I won’t say it was fun because to me “fun” will never include a big building filled with lots of people. I did, however, enjoy myself. There is something very relieving about being a vegan at an all-vegan event. I assume it must [...]

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Giving Thanks for Vegan Alternatives

Thanksgiving is this week and, aside from that, this time of year seems to lend itself to setting the house on fire trying to deep-fry whole animals. Let’s do our part and try to get our families and friends to skip the turkey this year, though no matter what you bring, someone’s bound to say [...]

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Squash Soup

This is a great mildly spiced squash soup with a little bit of a kick. You can play with the heat by adding more or less sriracha and the sweetness can be adjusted by varying the maple syrup. Any squash will do, but butternut and delicata seem to work really well.  Butternut Squash Soup Ingredients [...]

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with Orange Peel

This cranberry relish is super-fresh, a whole lot different than the canned stuff. The orange peels add a pleasant tartness and pretty color. Taste as you add the sugar. You may want more or less, depending on your mood.  Cranberries with Orange Peel Ingredients 2 cups washed raw cranberries, chopped 1 large, whole (leave peel [...]

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with Cherries

This recipe gets you a little closer to the canned version of cranberry sauce, but it’s still a lot different, and in my opinion, much tastier. It might be better to use this recipe, as opposed to a raw cranberry relish, if your dinner guests are wedded to the idea of the canned cranberry blob.  [...]

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